Adglow at 10 - Staff Reflections

By Marketing Team

It’s been a decade since Adglow first opened it’s doors. In that time, partnerships have been formed, thousands of social advertising campaigns have been delivered and countless client relationships around the world have flourished.

Here’s a look back at Adglow’s journey so far, with some special messages from our staff

Paula-Melgar (1)

 "Since I joined Adglow (then ADTZ) what I liked most were the staff. A small family that throughout the years has continued to grow and change, but has always maintained a sense of unity. I'm so happy to see how we're all pulling this great ship forward and whatever happens, we're always in it together. Happy 10th birthday Adglow!"

Paula Melgar, Marketing ManagerAdolfo

"I took this selfie on December 1st, 2013. I don't remember exactly what I was doing but I'm sure I was working on ADAM in my house early in the morning. I posted it on Facebook saying something like "all work and no play makes Adolfo a dull boy". Many things have happened since then. All I can say is thank you for the opportunity to learn almost everyday. Happy 10th anniversary. And they said we wouldn't last"

Adolfo Aladro, Head Of Product StrategyGonzalo-Carriazo
"When I went to Barcelona to take my MBA I thought I’d enlisted one of the best business schools in the world, but I was wrong. It was like a dummy round compared to Adglow, which has been the best school of my life. At Adglow, i’ve faced every possible business scenario in just 5 years! I consider myself a lucky guy to have met such a big opportunity in life, one that combines learning and challenges which demand the best of myself everyday."

Gonzalo Carriazo, Chief Corporate Development OfficerVictor"Thank you to everyone for making this company possible. It's been 10 fantastic years and the best is yet to come. We have a team with an incredible human quality, great ideas, fantastic projects and a lot of desire to keep improving. Happy 10th birthday Adglow."

Victor Bautista, Director of DevelopmentReyes"I want to congratulate the entire Adglow family for it’s 10th anniversary. I have had the honour of being a part of it for 5 years. I would like to extend my congratulations from the founders to the most recent people who came to work with us. As i look back, I think about how the company has evolved. It is a privilege to see so many people grow, from those who continue with us to those who have gone on to different paths, but who remain an important part of Adglow’s history. I hope to celebrate many more anniversaries with Adglow." 

Reyes Cebadera, Office Manager, MadridRenan"I’ve worked in lots of companies in the past, and they always say that you’re part of their family, but at Adglow we’re really a family. We laugh, we cry, we have fun, we fight with each other one day, and the next we’re having a beer. We enjoy life together. Can you define family better than that? I can’t, and I’m grateful to have been a part of this family for more than 2 years now. Since the time i’ve been here, we’ve improved our technology, sales and finance processes, but we’ve never changed our essence, not for a single moment. And this is what make Adglow different from any company that I’ve ever worked at. Happy 10th birthday my dear Adglow. There is so much more to come!"

- Renan Kfouri, VP of Sales & Ops, Brazil and South ConeGonzalo De La Mata
"Happy 10th birthday Adglow! Thanks for providing me with the opportunity over the past few years to work in such a diverse, dynamic and fast-growing environment. Writing these lines brings back good memories of the great people i’ve met, the different places i’ve visited and the good fun we've had along the way! It may be another birthday, but I find no change in you, the same values and energy shines through!"

Gonzalo de la Mata, Regional Director, UK, US & CanadaSacha

"Four years have passed since i was given the chance to start up the Italian Adglow offices and it's been a really amazing experience. In Adglow i’ve found some fantastic colleagues and business partners who share my same philosophy work hard, play hard! Happy 10th birthday Adglow. I wish you many many years of success. Let's go Adglow!"

- Sacha Monotti Graziadei, Country Manager Italy


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