Mobile and social networks don't go on vacation in summer [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Adglow

On June 21, the most anticipated season of the year arrives: the summer!! Vacation comes for many, but not for our smartphones, we'll use them almost more than the rest of the year.

For this reason, from Adglow; we wanted to analyze how Spanish people use the mobile and social networks during this season. We have also prepared an infographic ;)

The number of Spaniards who have a smartphone has doubled in the last five years and Spain has been crowned the country with the most smartphones per inhabitant in the world with Singapore, where 92% of users have at least one these devices, according to a study of the online platform Back Market.

The smartphone (89%) is the device most used to connect to the Internet during the summer, followed by the tablet (28%). During the rest of the year, we watch the mobile between 11 and 50 times a day, and in summer 83% of Spaniards consider that the mobile is essential in their vacations.

Many Spaniards prioritize this device in the suitcase before the toothbrush, makeup or shaving utensils: according to ASUS Tecnología y verano en España 18% of Spaniards say that the first thing that gets in your luggage is the phone mobile.

Even tourists outside Spain, there are users who do not release their mobile phone: 92% of Spaniards connect to the Internet from abroad, and the figure increases in travelers who decide to stay on the peninsula (94%), according to the fourth Study AIMC Q Panel.

Once in our holiday destination seven out of ten Spaniards take the device physically to the beach or pool. The main reason for using the smartphone in the summer is to be connected with friends and family (77%), and the search for information (59%).

The smartphone is smashing the camera of photos and video during the holidays: now more than half of the Spaniards use the mobile or the tablet to capture their most special moments. An unstoppable phenomenon that has reduced for example the camera park: global sales have fallen by 70% since its peak in 2010, the year Instagram was born, according to this information from Statista.

Social networks have exponentially increased the possibility of sharing with our friends and family these photographs and videos of our vacations. 21% of Spaniards use social networks more during this period, increasing this figure up to 30% in the case of young people. The most used during the summer are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

In summer they are shared in these platforms twice as pictures that in winter and are published twice more photos and videos than updates of state. The most mentioned topics are family and friends (32%), outdoor activities (13%), food and restaurants (13%), travel (11%), time (9%) and clothing ), according to data published by Facebook.

Brands and advertisers of all kinds take advantage of the summer months to promote interesting social offers and promotions, as well as to launch their seasonal products. According to Adglow own data, extracted from a mass of more than thirty thousand advertising campaigns managed since 2008; there is a 40% increase in advertising campaigns in social networks when the summer months arrive. The tourism sector in particular, reaches quintuple their figures with respect to a month outside the summer.

The summer season, therefore, an excellent time to reach the consumers through these platforms since posting on the holidays, is already an integral part of the trip.



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