What do the Recent Changes to Amazon Advertising's Product Names Mean for Advertisers?

By Phil Haslehurst

Late in Q3 2018 Amazon announced a raft of changes to simplify the names of their advertising products.

Prior to the change, Amazon offered two distinct products to the market - Amazon Advertising Platform, and Amazon Marketing Services.

The offering has been consolidated and is now simply called Amazon Advertising. Within Amazon Advertising is a full portfolio of ad products and services:

  • Sponsored products and sponsored brands - Amazon Vendors and Amazon Sellers can make it easier for customers to find and buy their products on Amazon itself
  • Display ads - advertisers can reach relevant audiences on Amazon and third-party websites and apps
  • Video ads - video ads running in channels like Amazon, IMDb, and on Fire TV
  • Stores - branded sites on Amazon where vendors and sellers can create a curated selection of products for purchase
  • Measurement - campaign reporting, insights and 3rd-party reports that measure the impact of campaigns on shopper behaviour
  • Amazon DSP (formerly Amazon Advertising Platform) - a demand-side platform that enables advertisers to programmatically reach their audience on Amazon sites and apps, as well as through published relationships and exchanges

This new naming simplifies the Amazon ad ecosystem, making it easier for advertisers to understand which product aligns with their requirements. And whilst the names have changed, the functionality hasn't - Amazon's powerful set of advertising products remains an exciting new opportunity for advertisers.


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