Social Advertising and the Full Funnel - Deep Dive Learning Materials

Access our deep-dive training materials to find out how you can make social advertising work harder for you at every step of the marketing funnel



Take a Deep Dive into the world of Full Funnel Social Advertising

Few advertising channels can rival social when it comes to the sheer scale of the audience, influence over purchase decisions, and variety of advertising products available.

And yet, in our experience, advertisers often don't make the most use of social as a route to market that can serve their entire marketing funnel.

In this deep-dive webinar video, we explore the tactical decisions you can make to better leverage social ads to drive great results whether you're trying to raise awareness, develop consideration, or win conversions.

This webinar is aimed at all advertisers seeking to improve their return on ad spend in the social advertising channel:

  • Find out why social is such a useful channel for a full-funnel marketing approach
  • Explore insights into advertiser trends that indicate they're not always making the most of the social advertising channel
  • Discover tactical advice that you can deploy today to start making social ads work for you at every stage of the marketing funnel

Resources provided:

Registrants for the deep-dive will be granted unlimited access to:

  • 1 x on-demand webinar video
  • 1 x slide deck

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