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Dan and The Professor are social advertising geeks.

Their mission is keeping you up to date on the industry topics you need to know. Staying in tune with social and digital advertising is almost impossible, but they’re going to try anyway! Follow as they dig into the latest insights, trends and best practices. They’ll meet some of the ad industries finest minds as they delve into the world of social media advertising.

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Episode 4 // Amazon Selling, Advertising & Essential Steps to setting up your Store pt.2 Dan & The Prof continue to explore changes to Amazon behaviours during the Covid-19 lockdown and look at the chance it represents for businesses reaching new customers. They also discuss how to assess business opportunities and how to leverage paid media for awareness and sales. They also talk about ACoS, ROI and ROAS, and why you should know what those acronyms mean in order to measure and make money on your activity.

Episode 3 // Amazon Selling, Advertising & Essential Steps to setting up your Store In this two part episode, Adv Social Club discuss Amazon and how it has become an integral part of consumer’s journeys, especially in these pandemic conditions. Drawing on their Amazon consultancy expertise, Dan & The Professor discuss the importance of an organic-paid integrated approach to drive online sales, from channel strategy and catalog optimization to amazon advertising, reviews and measurement. We also discover that the Professor is in fact part of the millennial audience.

Episode 2 // Social Advertising Trends pt.2 Tune in as ADV Social Club discuss social e-commerce, tailored creativity for customer journeys & fitting niche platforms into your media mix. Dan & the Professor will also dive into driving conversions with dynamic advertising & using geo localisation in your social media advertising.

Episode 1 // Social Adv Trends Shaping 2020 How to use TikTok, ephemeral content for your brand, using messenger to capture leads, augmented reality & other trends. Part 1 of a 2 part 2020 trends podcast on social media

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