Read the results of our survey into advertiser opinions and activities in the social advertising channel.


Social media has become such a familiar and regular part of our daily lives that it’s easy to forget that Facebook has only been widely available for public use since 2006. In the subsequent decade a revolution has occurred, not just in consumer behaviour but also in business, driven entirely by the new socially-connected web.

Facebook’s advertising ecosystem generated $17.4bn of revenue in H1 2017 (source –, a staggering sum driven by huge growth in mobile advertising for the social giants. In the light of those figures, it’s strange to think that for many advertisers social remains an enigmatic and challenging channel. And yet behind the rampant growth and mass adoption, that’s precisely the case.

It’s in that context that we set out to find out more about the social advertising ecosystem from the advertiser’s perspective with our first Social Advertising Insights Survey. We wanted to find out more about how advertisers see social advertising working for them, how they rate their own ability to succeed in the channel, and their plans for future activities.

We hope you enjoy reading the results as much as we enjoyed researching them in the first place.


The purpose of this report is to assess and evaluate the results of a survey we conducted in which 200 participants from varied industry backgrounds were asked questions related to advertising in the social channel.

In October 2017 we surveyed 200 professionals involved in marketing & advertising via an online survey. The survey contained multiple choice questions related to their organisation’s advertising activities & plans in the social channel.

The results of the survey, and our interpretation of those results, is presented in this report.



We asked the 200 participants what industry they were part of:


We asked the 200 participants their job titles: