Read the results of our survey into advertiser opinions and activities in the social advertising channel.

Obstacles to Success in Social Advertising

We asked the 200 participants what they feel are the biggest obstacles preventing them from doing more in social advertising:


Many of our respondents feel they don’t have the financial power to explore social advertising, nor do they possess the staff in-house to manage it properly: 42% of our respondents cited an insufficient budget as an obstacle for doing more with social advertising.

Just 9% of the respondents felt poor results would prevent their business from doing more with social advertising.


When we split the data by ability, we can see that 45% of those in the low ability group feel they are struggling due to a lack of skilled staff.


An insufficient budget seems to be the primary reason businesses are not expanding on their existing social advertising plan. The findings also suggest that many businesses do not have the expertise required to meet their social advertising targets.

There also seems to be a large number of participants focusing elsewhere with their advertising campaigns, particularly if they lack a sufficient budget. The small minority of those in each group citing negative social advertising results suggests that social has a lot to offer for participants in each of the groups.

There is also a suggestion that in-house social advertising teams lack the skills required to make the most of the channel.