Read the results of our survey into advertiser opinions and activities in the social advertising channel.

Social Advertising as part of the Digital Advertising Ecosystem

We asked the 200 participants to rate digital trends in terms of importance to their future marketing and advertising strategies:


In terms of essential digital trends, social media beats out video advertising and virtual / augmented reality but loses to conversion rate optimisation and programmatic media buying.

Respondents in our ‘low spend’ group tended to prefer conversion rate optimisation, indicating their need to make the most of the limited media spend they do deploy.

Conversely, respondents in the ‘high spend’ group tended to prefer media channels – social advertising and programmatic media being their most highly rated trends. Those with money to spend, it seems, are still willing and keen to invest it in acquiring potential customers through advertising.


As we initially highlighted in the introduction, social advertising is a channel that feels like it has been around for a long time, such has been the adoption of social networking, and the impact of social media on the advertising landscape.

The result is, possibly, complacency when it comes to advertisers appreciating the importance of the channel versus other marketing opportunities. That could be one explanation for the relative position of social advertising in the mental priority lists of our respondents.

That’s not the full story, however. Earlier in this report we showed that our respondents also considered social advertising to be among the most strategically important digital advertising channels. It would be an oversimplification to say that marketers are underwhelmed by the potential of the channel. Another possible explanation is that, with an ever-increasing emphasis on return on investment, emerging disciplines like conversion rate optimisation preoccupy our respondents.