Adglow, your social DSP partner

Adglow has been investing heavily to build its own social media demand-side platform (DSP) since 2010, creating niche technology to be able to efficiently buy social media inventory in video, mobile and search engine channels.

Our powerful software along with Facebook (Marketing Partner) and Twitter (Marketing Platform Partner) certifications put Adglow in a strategic position to be able to offer both advertisers and agencies the best technology to meet their social media advertising needs: ADAM.

ADAM is not just our own proprietary DSP for social media, allowing advertisers to purchase inventory in social media through real-time bidding (RTB); it also helps Adglow professionals around the world to design, manage, optimize and extract data and key insights from social media ad campaigns.

Adglow, your social DSP partner.


We are constantly updating and developing our proprietary technology. ADAM is not just a DSP to buy social media inventory in real time; it also lets us design, manage, optimize and extract practical insights from social media ad campaigns.

• We are constantly expanding the team of experienced programmers in our technology department to be able to offer the latest in technological developments.

• A constantly innovating technological model.

• A joint and parallel work system with Facebook and Twitter teams in the United States.


    We aim to provide quality, dedicated customer care. We will help you maximize the potential social media offers across different channels: video, mobile and search engines.

    • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7)

    • Support for our clients to meet all their needs, including sending the best experts to work in situ at clients’ offices whether short or long-term.

    • Immediate problem-solving.


      We were born with social media advertising; it’s a part of our DNA. We provide all our knowledge and expertise to maximize your investment in Facebook and Twitter.

      • More than 70 employees in our headquarters providing national and international service.

      • More than 30,000 managed campaigns around the world for clients in every industry and with a wide diversity of objectives met.

      • An average of 120 campaigns managed per day.

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