Adglow Digital Advertising Technology

Software solutions to digital and social advertising challenges.

Adglow technology increases the odds of digital advertising success

Adglow builds and supports digital and social advertising tools whose function is to:

Tools automate

Reduce manual process inefficiency

Our tools automate or simplify processes to radically reduce the amount of person-hours dedicated to the manual tasks involved in digital and social advertising campaign management.

Predictive tools

Increase the odds of successful outcomes

Through predictive tools and machine learning, our advertising technology can use data to inform better decisions about campaign success factors like bid strategy and targeting.

Connects disparate systems

Create new synergies

Adglow technology connects disparate systems in the marketing stack, and creates new ways of working that engender novel opportunities for digital advertisers.


Digital advertising technology for centralized ad management across multiple digital advertising platforms.

What does it do?
Adam connects via API to digital advertising platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more. Advertisers can manage campaigns across multiple platforms through a single interface, with aggregate reporting, simple workflows and campaign optimization tools. 

Who is it for?
Adam is for large digital advertisers, or digital media agencies handling multiple advertiser accounts and campaigns.


Multi-location digital advertising software.

What does it do?
Hub enables multi-location advertisers to manage local digital ad campaigns across the network. Local managers can select campaigns to run in their neighbourhood from a centrally managed repository of campaign templates controlled by the head office marketing department. 

Who is it for?
Hub is designed for brands with large networks of real-world locations where they do business - chains of stores, restaurants, car dealerships, gyms, cinemas, insurance companies and more.


Adglow innovation

Adglow’s technology team has collaborated with some of the world’s best-known advertisers to create custom technological solutions to their digital advertising challenges.

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