Adglow Media - The Paid Social Network

The one and only integrated portfolio available on social networks, integrating Social Media with other digital media that have social capacity.

Based on 5 pillars

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok
Community Media
Influencer Marketing, Youtube, Spotify, Tripadvisor, Waze
Audience media
Programmatic, Display, Branding and App Advertising.

TV Sync, Radio Sync, Sport and Outdoor advertising.
Marketing Partner
Amazon (DSP / Search)

Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok)

As a result of our more than 10 years of experience working hand in hand with the main social media, has allowed us to have powerful know-how on the different objectives of campaigns and functionalities, the attitude and experience of the user, and to help partners in the parallel development of functionalities, as well as integrations of the latest APIs in our software


Community Media (Influencer Marketing, Youtube, Spotify, Tripadvisor, Waze)

Users seek to have a social experience on social networks, but in recent years we have found the feeling of community and the need for a powerful ROE with the interests of potential customers.

These new, specific media, start with the premise that the value of the medium is the use that users give to the platforms. With Adglow Media, our clients will make their brand part of a community.


Audience Media: (Programmatic, Display, Branding and App Advertising)

There is a correlation between technologies, which has allowed, in terms of digital marketing, the creation of synergies and functionality adaptable to other media. With Audience Media, we obtain the personalization of the advertising that the user perceives around the web, creating a known space in an unknown environment. We work with PPC and RTB with Machine Learning and Deep Learning in the bid and interest system.


Multimedia: (TV Sync, Radio Sync, Sport and Outdoor advertising)

Thanks to multimedia, we can synchronize your users, amplifying and creating a higher ratio of brand recall and CRO, with parallel means. Through Multimedia we have developed technology to obtain the real data and transcribe it in effective campaigns that raise the brand message. Users have different traditional and technological behaviors and stimuli that must converge.


Amazon DSP / Search

We know about audiences, but Amazon knows how they shop. At Adglow, as the first exclusive European partner of Amazon, we have developed in parallel to the brand and its technology, ad hoc products for the best evolution of campaigns in DSP and the full manage optimization of our Search clients. Thanks to our knowledge of the environment, but above all our nomadic behavior, we find in the markets we are targeting a differential point on the global strategy based on local.

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