Digital Campaign Management Services

Take the hard work out of running large-scale digital ad campaigns with Adglow’s custom campaign management service.

Your message where it matters

Adglow’s expert team can take your message to market across digital channels like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest and TikTok.

Whether you’re growing your brand, seeking new customers,  or driving engagement, we’ll come up with the right advertising plan to suit your needs and execute it with speed and accuracy.


Extend the capacity of your marketing department. Use ours. 

Adglow’s team of digital advertising specialists are available to augment your existing resources. They’ll deliver all or part of your digital media plan, exactly as per your requirements. Our digital campaign management service includes:

  • Digital and social advertising campaign planning
  • Digital advertising account auditing and setup
  • Digital and social advertising campaign management and optimization
  • Beta access to new proprietary digital and social advertising products
  • On-site staffing solutions

We run advertising campaigns across the following channels:


Digital and social advertising campaign planning

Putting the right plan into place ensures future success. As part of our service, Adglow’s campaign management team will work with you to define a clear approach to a single digital advertising platform, or define a strategy for the entire digital channel. We’ll get into the details of your target audience, product set, market position and offering, and desired outcome before coming up with an extensive plan based on our knowledge, prior experience and proven metrics.


Digital advertising account auditing and setup

Handling accounts across multiple advertising platforms can get complicated. Adglow’s experts conduct regular reviews of your digital advertising accounts to ensure they are optimally configured and error-free. We periodically conduct this service for all of our campaign management clients.


Digital and social advertising campaign management and optimization

Adglow account managers and campaign managers are multi-talented professionals - but their overriding priority for any client is to ensure that live campaigns deliver beyond their desired performance. We monitor campaigns continually, and optimize where required to get the best results possible.


On-site staffing solutions

To better integrate social and digital advertising into your organisation’s existing marketing team, Adglow offers on-site staffing solutions. Specialised advertising professionals can be seconded to your premises on a part or full-time basis, for short-term projects, or to work in your team indefinitely. These on-site consultants can help to augment your existing in-house resources, provide short-term cover, or bring digital advertising into closer collaboration with other departments.

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