Digital advertising technology from Adglow.

Adam drives digital and social ad campaigns for the world’s biggest brands

Developed by campaign managers, for campaign managers, Adam simplifies and reduces the work involved in managing digital ad campaigns across multiple platforms.



API plugin
Adam connects to digital ad platforms via API, for a seamless experience of campaign management and reporting.


Single interface
Adam unifies campaigns across disparate ad platforms in a single user-friendly interface.


Aggregate campaigns
Adam enables advertisers to manage and report on campaigns across digital platforms on an aggregated basis.


Efficiency tools
Batch-editing tools and simplified process workflows reduce the time required to put new campaigns live.

Platform integrations

Adam integrates with and manages campaigns across these digital platforms:


Campaign configuration wizard

Adam’s campaign setup wizard significantly reduces time-to-market with automated split test configuration, batch creation of campaign ad sets, and streamlined workflows.


Aggregate reporting

View channel, platform and campaign level reports within the same tool. Explore performance within, and across different digital advertising platforms and optimize accordingly.


Rules based controls & alerts

Adam campaign monitor reads and responds to live campaign performance in real time. Customise triggers and alerts to stay up to speed and react to unexpected results.


Batch editing

Batch edit controls make changing hundreds of campaign line items the work of a few clicks.


Software integrations

Adam integrates social and digital ad campaign data with other software in the marketing stack.

  • Web analytics
  • CRM
  • Conversion tracking
  • Offline & online triggers

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