Adglow at 10 - Birthday Cards from our Friends

By Marketing Team

After a decade of business, Adglow has been lucky enough to partner with a lot of different companies - including some very prestigious and successful names in the world of internet advertising.

No good tenth birthday celebration would be complete without a birthday card from all your friends. In this case it's a virtual one, in the form of this blog post - starting with some messages from our partners!

Paolo Picazio Facebook

"Happy birthday, Adglow! You were one of the first companies joining our Facebook Marketing Partnership Program globally and today you represent one of the most important players in our ecosystem. Thanks for your trusted partnership! We’ve been able to see your clients’ success and scale in Europe and in the rest of the world!"

Paolo Picazio, Global Marketing Partnerships | Facebook

Mauro Piano Twitter

"Congratulations to the whole Adglow team for hitting a remarkable milestone. We are privileged to be your partner and excited to see what we are going to accomplish together next. Happy 10th birthday from everyone at Twitter!"

Mauro Piano, Revenue Platform Partnerships | Twitter

Arturo Martin Amazon

"Congratulations Adglow! As you know you were the first marketing partner for Amazon Advertising in ES and we are working on a lot of things we can’t talk about in this quote…;-) Congratulations for these 10 amazing years."

Arturo Marin, Head of Agencies | Amazon Advertising

Our social advertising partners aren't the only ones who've been in touch to wish us a happy birthday. We've also been hearing from our clients around the world:

Rodrigo Namba Shie Grupo Petropolis

"We would like to congratulate the company for one more year of success and say thanks for partnership, dedication, transparency and results. We wish success for everyone."

Rodrigo Namba Shie, Media Planner | Grupo Petrópolis

Raphaela Martins Fakri Hyper Pharma

"I would like to congratulate Adglow for 10 years of dedication and achievements. Always focusing on delivering results and concerned about a healthy relationship with their customers. Thanks for the partnership!"

Raphaela Martins Fakri - Digital Marketing Coordinator | Hyper Pharma

Dominique Ramos OMD

"Happy birthday, Adglow! I really appreciate our dynamics with Adglow. They are very efficient with their recommendations and never fail to provide good solutions when the need arises. They are also very personal, in a way that the working relationship feels deeper and as that there is more care with how campaigns are handled."

Dominique Ramos - Client Services Manager | OMD

Sofia Sillesa OMD

"Adglow helped simplify the ever-evolving world of social media for marketers like me. Congratulations on your 10th year and more power to you!"

Sofia Sillesa - Business Unit Director | OMD

Eduardo-Mapa-Junior"Happy 10th, Adglow! Amazed what you guys have accomplished! Keep rocking!"

Ed Mapa Jr, Managing Partner | Castle By The River

From everyone at Adglow, we'd like to say a big thank you back to all the partners and clients who have worked with us along the way. Without your help and support we wouldn't have enjoyed the success we have done over the last ten years. So, from us all, thank you very much indeed. 


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