Adglow Attends School Of Snapchat

By Adglow

19143174_152109482001764_7971419006493166871_oOn Friday 16th June 2017, Snapchat Advertising Partner , Adglow , attended School Of Snapchat , an annual event which educates advertising partners on Snapchat best practice and upcoming trends.

The event began with a live demonstration of Snapchat's core functionalities which include; Stories, filters, lenses, the discover feature and advertisements.

Following the demo, partners were divided into smaller groups and attended Maths, Science, Art and Media Studies lessons.

Each lesson covered interesting topics and exercises that educated partners on how brands can get the best out of the Snapchat platform.

 Key takeaways from the event included:

  • Learning that Snapchat users log in to the app up to 18 times per day and spend up to 30 minutes on the platform each day
  • Exploring Snapchat's four pillars of advertising measurement: 

    Viewability : Metrics for how much attention an ad receives
    Reach : How many people see their ad and their demographics (eg age / gender)
    Resonance: Feedback on what people think and feel about a particular ad
    Reaction : The Impact Snap ads make on driving offline, in-store purchases 

  • A reminder that If brands want to engage Snapchat users, they should focus on sharing experiences rather than lengthy information

When designing creative for an ad, the following methods are most effective:

Display branding within the first 5 seconds of an ad, so the audience immediately knows who you are and what you're     offering

Use voiceovers within an ad which encourages users to swipe up to get more information about your brand

Stop animation and GIF creative works well with Snapchat ads

Snapchat is a sound ON platform, using sound in ads to better user experience for Snapchat users

Users are accustomed to viewing content on mobile, so keeping creative vertical ensures a much higher level of engagement

Other upcoming developments on Snapchat include:

Snap to Store

A new measurement tool, Snap to store tracks the number of people who visit the store and how many of those people saw the brand's on the app before doing so. Food chain, Wendy's tested the new ad tool when launching sponsored geofilters to promote a new sandwich. The results in more than 42,000 restaurant visits within a seven-day period.

Burberry snap ad

Snapchat TV Shows

A new feature, currently rolled out in the US is Snapchat TV shows . Snapchat has partnered with television companies such as NBCUniversal and ABC to create original and interactive content to encourage audience engagement and increase the length of time spent on the app. Snapchat TV shows are placed in the Snapchat's Stories section and are set to roll out in other markets soon.


Max Reach

Recently rolled out in the UK and France, Snapchats Max Reach feature allows brands to reserve space across Snapchat's Discover, Stories and User Stories features for specific ads. The Max Reach feature allows brands to have their ads seen by every Snapchat user on any chosen day, ensuring that their message is captured by the millions of snapchat users, active on the app.

Coca-cola snap ad


School of Snapchat was a thought provoking event which provided valuable insight into the future of Snapchat, and the number of opportunities available to advertisers.

If you would like to find out how we can make Snapchat advertising work for your brand, contact us here .


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