Adglow gets inspired with Pinterest partner at Pinstitute 2017

By Adglow


Adglow recently attended Pinstitute, an annual event held by Pinterest for its top partners.

The event provided insights into upcoming trends and technologies as well as how brands can use Pinterest advertising to accelerate their marketing activity.

Pinterest’s Head of Partnerships, Head of Creative and Global Marketing Manager shared best practices and top tips to maximise Pinterest advertising capabilities.

Pinterest speakers also shared updates on exciting new features set to roll out soon.

The most exciting developments include:

Instant Ideas:

A newly launched feature called ’Instant Ideas’ allows you to personalise your Pinterest experience in real-time.

When you notice an idea that looks interesting such as a recipe or piece of furniture you can click a white circle which appears on the bottom right of the chosen Pin and instantly fill your newsfeed with similar products.


Pinterest Lens BETA

Through their recently developed experimental technology currently in beta stage, the Pinterest Lens feature allows you to use the camera in your Pinterest App and take a photo of an item that’s captured your attention.

For example, if you have seen a piece of furniture that you like you can now use the Lens feature to take a photo of it, which will automatically pull up similar designs along with relevant keywords associated with the item, almost like a Shazam for products.


Promoted Video

In August 2017 Pinterest will be rolling out Promoted Video Ads.  The Ads will spark videos into motion the moment people scroll down on their newsfeed, search results and ‘more like this’ feature.

The Promoted Video feature is set to include several targeting and reporting capabilities that will benefit brands advertising on Pinterest.


Other highlights from Pinstitute 2017 included:

  • Head of Partnerships, Jon Kaplan reinforcing the message that Pinterest encourages its users to ‘be yourself, not your selfie’ and to use the platform to tie in with real life offline moments, such as cooking a recipe for your family or buying a dress for a special event.
  • Guest speaker and Mumsnet Co-Founder, Carrie Longton discussing the seven habits of highly effective brands that mums love. Alongside her valuable insights, a standout quote from Carrie was that ‘confident brands are as magnetic as confident people.’
  • Guest speaker and Co-Founder of Hiut Denim, David Hieatt discussing creativity, and collaboration, as well as reminding us that ‘in a fast world, brands shouldn’t be slow’.

Pinstitute was a thought provoking event that provided valuable insights on Pinterest advertising and upcoming developments.

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