Adglow Lands in Indonesia

By Adglow

  • Indonesia is the fourth country in terms of usage of the social networks, just behind India, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.
  • The new delegation is in the Golden Triangle of Jakarta, which is the financial, diplomatic and commercial Centre of Indonesia. 
  • This team will be led by Alexandra Debby Mulie as the country manager under the umbrella of Adglow APAC, led by Alejandro Vázquez Guillén.

Madrid, September 14, 2017. Adglow, the leading international social media advertising provider, has today announced the opening of its new operations in Jakarta, Indonesia, as a continuation of its commercial expansion strategy in the Asian market.

Adglow with its own technology, manages advertising campaigns on social media for leading brands and media agencies as an advertising partner of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest and Amazon.

With this move, Adglow now has 18 branches situated in Austin, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Jakarta, London, Madrid, Manila, Miami, Milan, Mexico DF, New York, Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo, Singapore and Toronto.

According to a report published by “We Are Social y Hootsuite” Indonesia is the fastest growing country in terms of Internet users. Moreover, Indonesia is the fourth country with the most users in social networks, just behind India, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Half of the more than 250 million people who live in the country are active users of Facebook platform making it the fourth country in terms of users of the main social network. According to this report, this figure has been increasing every year by 30% and has seen an increment of 39% since January 2016.

Adglow´s new delegation is in one of the most emblematic building in Jakarta, the Axa Tower, which is in the so-called Golden Triangle of Jakarta in the financial, diplomatic and commercial district of the city. Alexandra Debby Mulie will lead this office as Country Manager for Indonesia Adglow.

Alexandra holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and International Relations from Northwood University in Midland, United States, and an MBA in Marketing and Communication from Swiss German University in Indonesia.

She has almost ten years’ experience in the digital industry, advertising campaign management as well as in the development of digital marketing strategies and project management. She has worked as director of business development in the financial agency “Corous 360” for the Southeast Asian market. Subsequently, she worked for the Bank of Negara Indonesia in the IT division, mainly managing business development strategies.

Prior to her incorporation into Adglow, Alexandra held the position of Country Manager in Indonesia in the mobile marketing and digital advertising platform, VSERV Digital, managing campaigns for clients in Thailand Vietnam, Myanmar, The Philippines and Singapore. This will enable Adglow to reinforce its knowledge in these markets.

From her new position in Adglow, Alexandra will report to Adglow APAC, which is the Company´s division led by Alejandro Vázquez Guillén.

Alejandro Vazquez-Guillén, CEO of Adglow at APAC, states: "The opening of Indonesia's office is a major milestone for Adglow. It´s extensive geographic dispersion with thousands of islands makes Indonesia one of the most active countries in terms of the use of social networking on the mobile phone, and it´s capital Jakarta, the second largest city in the world with most users. This makes it a challenge for Adglow and its expansion plan in Asia."


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