Pepephone - New client acquisition through Amazon Advertising

By Marketing Team

Pepephone is a Spanish Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) with more than 500,000 clients and its main objective was to acquire net-new clients to their services.

Amazon Advertising offers marketers the opportunity to reach potential customers at multiple stages of the purchase funnel, among many other benefits.

Adglow developed a full funnel media strategy to increase awareness of Pepephones’s products in Spain and acquire new clients.

Based on the typical customer journey, Adglow’s Amazon Advertising experts deployed the following strategy:

In the awareness stage, created impact through digital display ads placed on Amazon using key segmentations derived from the historical study of Pepephone’s existing customers, and discovered new potential audiences through Amazon’s audience discovery tool.


In the conversion and remarketing stage deployed retargeting to users who had already engaged with the campaign during the awareness phase, with link out image and video ads. We also built a new lookalike audience to target and convert similar users to those who showed high interest or converted.

To find out how Adglow got more than 9,000 new clients and get more details of the campaign, please read the full story.

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