Adglow's Top 5 Tips for Advertising on Instagram

By Marketing Team

Instagram is proving to be a top channel for marketers looking to bring visual appeal to their ad campaigns. Thanks to Facebook targeting and behavioural data sourced from Instagram itself, businesses can create content that is relevant to specific individuals or demographics.

It can be a huge step in the right direction if your Instagram ad campaigns are built off the back of knowing what profiles your target audience regularly visits, or what hash tags they use most often. Ultimately, these ads can click through to product pages that lead to conversion opportunities.

Despite there being a plethora of opportunities as far as advertising on Instagram is concerned, it is vital to have a strategic plan in place to guarantee longevity and continuous results. There needs to be a review of everything from specific attributes to best practices before you can be sure of an impactful advertising campaign.

Here are some top tips you can use to ensure you're making the most of your Instagram advertising capabilities:

1. Prepare before you begin


Demonstrating your prowess on Instagram is just the start of your campaign; you’ll need to reflect this in the entire process. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that any additional content you may look to promote or that is visible during the campaign is mobile friendly and just as pioneering as that of your Instagram ad. This type of continuity cements your followers’ trust in you as a product or service.

2. Taking advantage of Ad formats


One of Instagram’s most influential features is its carousel format, which allows you to post more than one image for followers to then scroll through. This gives you the opportunity to post more than one relevant image at a time, which opens the door to creating and showcasing storyboards. You can start with a catchy first image and build on this as users swipe left through the selected photos.

3. Incorporate CTA's into your posts


A call-to-action is the link your followers need to take the next step once they’re interested enough in your post. Any marketing piece needs a CTA to give interested users somewhere to go once they’ve digested the content and the same absolutely applies for Instagram. A CTA with the right copy can distinguish your post from the rest; helping it to stand out. It also gives the user a clear indication of the action you want them to take to proceed.

4. Build stories using imagery


Your brand should be represented in the imagery you choose for your ad campaign, and this should give off a positive vibe. You don’t want to just prioritise promoting the specific campaign, as you also want to build on a strong and continuous connection with your audience. Are the images used in the campaign reflective of your brand?

5. Promote videos


Instagram is famous for being built on still imagery - but you also have the option of incorporating videos into your campaign. Videos resonate with users and can engage them within moments of being viewed. Not only are videos great for engagement, they also give you a platform for further creativity. If you can pull off a great video campaign on Instagram your followers will be eager to see more in the future.

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