#ADITUDE: ‘The Changing Face Of Social Advertising’

By Adglow

On Wednesday 28th June 2017, Adglow hosted its first #ADITUDE event at Dry Martini in London.

With social media’s continually changing advertising landscape. Brands must navigate the shifting sands to find the best way to engage, communicate and drive bottom line results.

How can you be and remain effective in an ever-evolving medium? Can you build trust with potential customers at a time where online marketers and influencers are under the scrutiny of the media? Are customers becoming more aware of social media advertising and is this good or bad?


At #ADITUDE we took a deep dive into the social advertising space and heard from experts in the field on the challenges of our time.

Kicking off the event was Adglow’s UK & US CEO, Damian Routley. 


(Pictured above: UK & US CEO, Damian Routley)

Damian discussed what brands can learn from airports, the evolution of buyer behaviour,  and how tech has shifted through time.


Welcomed to the stage next were panelists:

Kate Tancred - CEO, The Smalls
Ankur Shah - Founder, Mahabis
Trevor Johnson - Director of Global Agency Partnerships, Facebook
Rob Newlan - Former Regional Director, Creative Shop, Facebook


(Pictured above from left to right: Trevor Johnson, Ankur Shah, Rob Newlan, Kate Tancred, Damian Routley)

Panelists explored current social trends and key takeaways from the event including the following wisdom:

  - The longest standing brands know what their brand stands for and maintain authenticity when advertising. If you want to create a brand legacy, think about how your brand values fit into your brand messaging.

-  If you want to create campaigns that stop the ‘scrolling thumb’ think about how relevant  your creative is to the social channel you’re advertising on. There's isn’t one thing that connects every customer on every platform so maintaining a multi-faceted approach when developing campaigns is vital.

-  If you want to attain success with social campaigns it's crucial to apply a test and learn approach. Be comfortable with getting your hands dirty, trying new things and testing multiple types of creative in order to get the best results for your business.

-  Before creating video campaigns, consider the core emotion you want to evoke and what social motivations you hope to trigger from your audience. Doing so will help you to create a quick and seamless video that people want to engage with.

- Don’t get comfortable with sticking to one model of advertising: the industry is moving quick so if your brand wants to find success, invest into social channels and test the variety of ad formats available to find the best fit for your campaigns.


The event was a great success which offered plenty of insight into the future of social advertising and we’re looking forward to running more thought provoking #ADITUDE events soon.


If you would like to find out how Adglow can make social advertising work for your brand, contact our team here.


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