Get 100% in completed views by uploading a GIF as a video

By Marketing Team

GIFs have been a significant part of the language of the Internet for years. Facebook has finally made them available for use in Ads. Now brands can use GIFs on their Facebook Ads and grab a user’s attention. 

Facebook already communicated that shorter videos get more completed views than larger ones, and GIF format is nothing but that: a short video. This platform is always looking to add in new functions and tools, but native GIFs have long been off-limits within the Facebook News Feed, despite their popularity in Messenger. Short video works well on Facebook and GIFs are extremely popular so this should be a great opportunity for marketers.

Shorter videos get more completed views. More people watch to the end of videos that are 15 seconds or less.

As of now you can upload files of this type for your video ads onto ADAM, from Monitor, Wizard or with the Bulk option. Create and edit your video creatives with GIFs in order to make them more attractive. Remember that GIFs are eye catching and they stand out from images.

GIFs will play and loop in the same way as videos and have the same file size requirement (4GB). GIF videos autoplay when the user scrolls down, getting their attention immediately. Don’t hesitate any longer and induce new prospects with GIFs! 


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