How To Use Social To Drive More Sales On Black Friday

By Marketing Team

In 2016 Black Friday generated 3.6 more orders than the average day in November (Source: Shopify), and Americans are predicted to spend over 70 billion dollars on Black Friday this year. (Source: Statistica)
There's no denying it, Black Friday is a massive opportunity for businesses to drive more sales and if you want to make the most of it, below are some top ways to triple your sales and grab a slice of the action with social media.

1 - Choose the best social channel for your brand
To make a groundbreaking impact with Black Friday sales, focus your efforts on using the channels which work best for your business.
With each social channel performing differently, it's vital to tailor your advertising to the channel and the audience using the platform.
The easiest way to do this is to research your target audience and find out which platforms they’re most active on and what type of content they’re consuming, once you have this information you can successfully focus your efforts on reaching your ideal buyers.

2 - Wow with video
With online shoppers who view demo videos 1.81x more likely to purchase a product, creating and publishing video is a great way to enhance your social media marketing activity. (Source: DMB Adobe)
Video not only boasts higher engagement rates, but it's also become one of the best tools to increase conversions.
Incorporating video as a part of your Social Black Friday promotion is a hugely effective way of getting eyeballs on your products and clicks on your shopping carts.

3- Invest in Social advertising
With an increase in ad blocking software on desktop and mobile, advertising on social media platforms ensures your ads reach your audience.
As well as the bonus of most social platforms being mostly immune from ad blocking software, you’ll also be able to reach your audience via their smartphone with ads correctly optimised for mobile.

4 - Get Creative with social posts
One of the most effective ways to engage customers about your Black Friday promotion is to inject some creativity into your social media posts.
Whether it’s adding a touch of humour to your captions, uploading a sneak peek video or posting eye-grabbing visuals, tailoring content to suit your brand's voice and posting on a regular basis will build up excitement in the run-up to your promotion.
You can also add a branded hashtag to make it easier for your audience to stay up-to-date with your deals for when Black Friday rolls around.

5- Simplify your buyer journey
Black Friday shoppers are on the hunt for products and services to buy and if you have too many steps in your purchasing process you could be at risk of losing potential transactions.
Most buyers don’t want to go through 5 or 6 steps before completing their purchase so when running your Black Friday promotion on social media, make the process as streamlined as possible.
Whether it’s using ad formats that display multiple products and deals or using calls-to-action such as buy buttons that direct buyers to relevant product pages, the easier you make it for your customer to buy the more likely you are to make a sale.

Social is ripe with opportunities for Black Friday promotion. If you want to make the most of Black Friday to drive more sales, leveraging the tips above will help you to stand out from the crowd and make an impact.


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