How to use video to advertise on Twitter

By Adglow

Millions of users access Twitter each day in search of what’s new; giving your business the opportunity to reach a highly engaged audience who want to be in the know of what's happening with your brand.

The best way to get the attention of this audience is via Twitter video advertising. Video views on Twitter have doubled in the past year to a staggering 1.2 billion, and studies have shown users are twice as likely to remember a message when its delivered via video.

Twitter is betting big on video and now offers a variety of formats tailored to your goal.

The top video formats include:
  • First View: The first view format places your video at the top of the feed of the user for a 24-hour period. With studies showing that the attention of the users is at its highest at the beginning of their session, this is prime real estate and an ideal way to deliver your message. Twitter also says their First View videos are watched on average for x1.4 longer than similar formats in other social networks.
  • Promoted Video: With this format you can place your video in the feeds of a targeted audience and with the recent addition of auto play, all videos now play automatically as users scroll through their feeds, maximizing its impact. Twitter says 92% of studies have shown a significant increase in sales with Promoted Video.

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  • In-Stream: Twitter is also home to the videos of hundreds of publishers worldwide such as BBC, Time or Vogue who generate quality content daily for a receptive audience. Now, with the newly released In-Stream video format, you can insert your ads before or in between this valuable content. These videos can also be hypersegmented, by choosing the right publisher according to your target.

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