Increase the success of your Cross-selling and Up-selling campaign with ADAM’s new smart audiences

By Marketing Team


The new improvements for DPA ads in ADAM make it easier to automatically promote in a more effective way the relevant products in your catalogue to the users who have shown interest in them.

Keep your customers long-term with cross-selling campaigns

our most recent buyers are a very valuable audience due to the high probability of them purchasing another one of your products. The ease in creating cross-selling campaigns that DPA offer will allow you to show this audience other products related to their last purchase. For example, you can promote a set of travel accessories to those users who have purchased a suitcase.

Cross-selling strategy is also the best way to maintain a relationship with your best customers by offering new products related to their usual purchases at all times.

Increase the number of orders and the average selling price with up-selling campaigns

Another option is to suggest products of higher value to people before they complete the purchase of the product they are viewing. Consider this type of campaigns if you want to increase the average earnings per sale. As an example, you can display high-end shoes to a user who is looking at cheaper options.

The new DPA improvements in ADAM will make it easier for you to create these two types of campaigns by allowing you to choose intelligent dynamic audiences without the need to create them previously. You may also apply advanced filters to these audiences. For example, you can reach an audience that has purchased products of a certain brand over €50 in the past 20 days.

Use the new advanced filters to create more specific product groups 

Would you like to promote only those gardening products with a price over €30 from your catalogue, in a quick way? The new ADAM filters for DPA products do precisely this.


With these filters you will be able to create new product sets sharing common characteristics (price, brand, etc.) so that you can advertise instantly products costing more than €100, products belonging to category X of brand Y, etc.

Do you want to increase productivity? Begin by creating the text in your ads automatically 

From now on, creating your DPA ads with ADAM will be much simpler. Just write “#” and the main parameters of your products will be displayed (name, price, etc.). Select those you wish to include in the text of your ad and ADAM will translate them into the actual characteristics of each product.



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