Instagram Opens Stories Ads to All Advertisers Globally

By Marketing Team


Instagram has announced that Stories Ads are now available to all businesses globally. They have been testing full screen ads in Stories for a couple of months and now they are opened to all advertisers globally.

This new placement is already available in ADAM for all advertisers, so they can start promoting their stories as of right now. This format still being in the beta version for some countries, so do not hesitate to ask us the availability.

Businesses of every size around the world can start running ads in stories. By optimizing for reach, you can show your ads to the maximum number of people in your audience and control how often they see your ads. The reach objective for ads in stories will begin rolling out today and will be available globally in the next few weeks.

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Instagram Stories ads can be up to 15 seconds in length and are currently only available on a CPM basis. Ad views are counted as soon as the ads appear!

Instagram Stories Ads are a powerful and affordable medium for providing an immersive advertising experience.

Instagram Stories ads are shown full screen vertically, and they offer an immersive experience for the user. Moreover, thanks to apps like Boomerang, Hyperlapse or the Instagram stickers you will be able to create stories in seconds. Upload a photo or video and start creating your stories. These will show aleatory between the rest of your native stories. The full screen experience and the fact that is being reported that 70% of viewers watch stories with sound on, allows opportunities for brand immersion.

Instagram Stories ads use the same targeting and measurement tools as ads that run in the News Feed on Facebook and Instagram.

In addition to this, you can also use the available data to target audiences who’ve seen your Stories Ads and reach them on Facebook or Instagram, or you can do the opposite, targeting Stories ads at audiences that have seen your ad on Facebook or Instagram feed, helping to expand your message and increase brand exposure.

Get everyone to see your ad

The Reach objective for Instagram Stories allows you to show your ad to the maximum number of people that your budget allow. Thanks to this objective you can control the frequency of your ad, being able to decide the exact number of days before the same person sees your ad again. Optimize by Reach to show your ad to the maximum number of people, or by Impressions, to show your ad as many times as possible.

Seduce your audience with a video thanks to the new objective Video Views

Video Views is the last objective available for Instagram Stories ads and you can start using it in ADAM too.  This objective offers a lot of possibilities for your company. The video format characteristics make it perfect to promote videos that show behind-the-scenes footage, product launches or customer stories to raise awareness about your brand. Facebook will add new objectives to the Instagram Stories Ads. These objectives will be available as soon as possible in ADAM.

So if you’re looking to reach the 150 million people using Stories daily, now you can, with immersive, full-screen video content, presented in vertical format. Speak to Adglow today to find out more.


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