Facebook Collection, the best way to boost mobile-shopping

By Marketing Team



Three out of four consumers say video in social media is the best way to discover new products. That´s why Facebook is launching Collection, its new ad format.

Collection consists of a creative (video, image or slideshow) and a product list. These products are featured under the creative and they are normally related to piece of content above. If the user taps on the ad, a collection of products will show. Finally, tapping on one of them will take him to a product detail page on the advertiser website where he can buy the desired product, without leaving the Facebook app.

Collection is ideal for retail or eCommerce advertisers who want to show an inspirational video or image alongside their products. The collection advert format helps brands connect with people by pairing a video or photo with four product images in the Facebook News Feed. This new ad format let your collection's featured video or photo tell a story about your products and brand.

Facebook is testing a new metric called outbound clicks over the coming weeks to provide more insights about the performance of Collection ads. By doing so, advertisers will be able to discover how the users behave when they see those ads.

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