Adglow sponsored the VIII Social Media Study by IAB Spain and Elogia

By Marketing Team

IAB Spain, the association of advertising, marketing and digital communication in Spain, presented last April 19th, at the Institute of Engineers of Spain, the VIII Annual Study of Social Networks 2017, sponsored by Adglow, and carried out in collaboration with Elogia. The study offers a detailed analysis of the behavior of Internet users in Social Networks.

The work is available on the IAB website, for the whole world in its reduced version, and in full for partners only.

Here are some of the most representative data:

  • 86% of users (19.2 million) use social networks on a daily basis in Spain.
  • Facebook is the most used network (91%) followed by WhatsApp (89%), YouTube (71%) and Twitter (50%).
  • WhatsApp is the social network best valued by its users as in last year's study.
  • Instagram and Telegram are the networks with the greatest increase of frequency of use.
  • For 1 in 4 respondents, the fact that a brand is present in social networks inspires confidence.

Antonio Traugott, IAB Spain Director said: "Apart from penetration, which reaches very high figures, what stands out most is the growing importance that social networks have for brands. 83% of users claim to follow an advertiser; To 25% you generate more confidence a brand that has presence in this environment; And 40% are willing to share information with companies to receive adhoc advertising. Without a doubt they are very positive data and that will increase "


According to Juan Domínguez, CEO and founder of Adglow: "Of the 22 million users that register the Internet in Spain, campaigns in social networks impact more than 19. This shows that these platforms are an extraordinary vehicle of entry of the brands to consolidate Their presence on the Internet. Its high diffusion capacity and precision in segmentation, with an increase in penetration of 6% during 2017, provide a comfortable environment for both users and companies. At Adglow, we help companies manage their advertising on all social networks around the world, and we see how convenient it is for customers to be able to perform, on a single site, what the rest of the Internet has to do in parts : Show a product, create a relationship with potential customers, sell that product and ensure after-sales. "


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