Summer Vacations and Social Media

By Marketing Team

Summer is here, and the chances are you've noticed a distinct increase in the number of hotdog-legs, unicorn inflatables, sunsets and cocktails appearing in your social feeds.

Social media and travel go hand-in-hand. Not only do travellers use social channels to show off their perfect holiday snaps, but they also conduct pre-holiday research, and post-holiday reviews, through their favourite social networks too.

Check out our latest video blog for more on the special relationship between summer trips, and social networks.

If you're a travel marketer, then making the most of the high engagement with travel content on social channels has got to be a part of your strategy.

Here are some simple tips to kick start that process:

  • Use targeting to put travel content in front of users who are interested in travel, or researching a travel purchase

  • Build stunning creative that appeals to the modern traveller - beautiful photos and videos that show your travel product at its best

  • Build a travel advertising programme through social that caters to the whole funnel - from awareness through content engagement, to purchase and beyond

  • Target travel fans on the social networks they use. Instagram and Pinterest are fantastic for travel photos and videos, whilst Facebook and Twitter are where travellers go to share their stories.



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