We are Adglow: coming soon

By Marketing Team

When it comes to marketing content, video has the power to engage and communicate better than any other format.

Here at Adglow we've been working hard in the last few months to ramp up our video output. And alongside the usual product education videos, and marketing videos, Tamara Bull, our resident videographer, has been working on a unique and exciting project - something that's a little different to the usual B2B technology videos.

Adglow turns 10 years old this year, and to mark the occasion we gave Tamara a mission to create a video portrait of the business. We wanted to shine a light on some of the human stories behind Adglow by getting to know the people who work at Adglow a little better.

The resulting documentary film is, we're confident to say, the most unique piece of video we've ever produced. And we're very excited because after so many months of work putting it together, we're (almost) ready to launch it. This Friday, April the 20th, the video will be live on our website for your viewing pleasure.

And to whet your appetite, we've got a short sneak preview for you to check out right now.

We can't wait to share the full version with you. Stay up to date and be among the first to watch it by following the #WeAreAdglow hashtag. 


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