Why eCommerce brands should  advertise on Amazon

By Marketing Team

With 300 million daily active users, Amazon has grown into the largest marketplace in the world.

According to research conducted by BloomReach, Amazon is beginning to outperform Google in search intent, with 55% of internet users turning directly to Amazon to find the products they need. If you’re an eCommerce vendor, advertising on Amazon (AMS) is a no brainer.

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is a digital advertising solution which allows vendors to stand out amongst competition, drive demand for their products and promote products to customers at the last stage of the buying funnel with search ads within Amazon’s ecosystem.

Ad formats currently available on the AMS platform include:


Key benefits of advertising on AMS include:

Reach more customers
Using Amazon’s sponsored posts allows you to increase global product visibility in prime locations within Amazon’s ecosystem. Placing your campaign in the right position can help you to boost product views, convert clicks and drive sales.

Only pay for clicks, not impressions
You get to choose how much you’d like to bid for clicks on your product and only pay when buyers click on your ads. This provides you with the flexibility to monitor your spend and only pay for clicks.

Target shoppers based on search terms
Customers are usually on Amazon to search for a product they need and reaching buyers with key search terms can save them time, with up-to-date product information automatically appearing alongside their targeted search. You can leverage this feature with relevant search terms that reach your ideal buyers.

Optimise ad creative based on performance
Amazon’s reporting feature helps sellers measure campaign performance so sellers can assess how products are performing with the current combinations of creative and keywords and optimise campaigns to improve performance.

If you want your products discovered by shoppers at a time when they’re ready to buy, (AMS) will boost the visibility of your products to the right audiences at the right time.



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