Remarketing: how it can help you to increase your sales

By Marketing Team


At present we are receiving more than 130 ads through all kinds of channels; televisions, web pages, Facebook, Instagram and many others. The result of such saturations is a significant decrease in ads impacts and consequently less effective. To come up with a solution remarketing was created, a powerful tool, which permitted us to send ads in a more personalized way, according to our customers interests.


Remarketing is a key method of online advertising, which is at present one of the most active ways used by all types of businesses to find new possible consumers, increases the reach engagement and awareness.  It can also help businesses grow significantly.

Remarketing will enable you to reach those possible potential customers that have already visited your website or your app and have not done any shopping.

Benefits: significant impact on your ROI. In essence, the main goal of remarketing is to reach those users who have had a previous interest in your products and consequently follow them through personalized campaigns with possible products that they might be interested enhancing sale.  You are impacting in a direct way; by impacting people that have previously shown an interest on that specific product.


One way to do remarketing can be through Google AdWords, which is done through Google Display Network.  There are different types of Remarketing, depending on your business you will be more interest by one or another.  For example, online businesses will be interested on dynamic remarketing, which we will explain later on in more detail.

A very clear example of these types of ads:  when you search a flight to Paris but you do not buy the ticket, afterwards hotels in Paris more flights or car renting ads will appear in the pages where you visit most. This powerful tool will enhance significantly sales on internet, as will make you remind your customer of your product or service.

Things you have to take into consideration to do a proper remarketing campaign are:

  1. Do not use the same home page where your potential customers already entered but didn´t make any conversion.
  2. Lead them to a page where you incentive your customer to buy without any excuse.
  3. Select your remarketing based on interests.
  4. Do not try to impact everyone, personalize the ads of remarketing,
  5. Is something you cannot do every day, as it will saturate your consumers.

Users / Access to your web / Users leave your web / your ad appears on other web


For remarketing your Ad it can be easily done through Facebook DPA


The most optimal format of dynamic ads are Facebook dynamic products ads (DPA). These types of ads have the advantage of personalize and automate ads directly from their websites in each user’s newsfeed, increasing sales probability.



In order to implement dynamic ads there are two necessary components which have to be implemented correctly.

  • The Facebook audience pixel, Web Custom Audience (WCA): placed on advertiser´s website. Is what informs Facebook about people who have been interested in the web page, basically any movement on the website done by them
  • A feed with products, or items, for sale that includes all creative elements: example prices, description...

Adglow can help you make the most of retargeting campaigns through Facebook DPA; with our ADAM technology we can make the complicated simple. We can help you achieve in a more sales with an increase in ROI.