New targeting for Facebook Custom Audiences Based On Time Spent On Your Website

By Marketing Team


Targeting options are a great tool when advertise on Facebook. It allows advertisers to build custom audiences using multiple data types at once: geolocation, email, phone number, name, ZIP or postal code, city, state, country, date of birth, age, gender, mobile advertiser ID and Facebook app user ID. Custom Audiences are created from a particular segment of customers or people who interact with the brand.

Now, Facebook has launched a new targeting option: Website Custom Audiences, based on the website traffic: This allows advertisers to generate custom audiences of users that have visited their website. Using the Facebook pixel, Custom Audiences from a website is a great targeting option that matches people who visit an advertiser’s website with people on Facebook using targeted Facebook ads.

This new feature allows advertisers to create audiences of people who have visited their website. A powerful way to reach existing customers and to those who have shown some interest in advertiser’s business before.

For example, you can run a campaign to reach people who visited a product page but didn't complete a purchase to encourage them to go back to the website to do so. Or, you can create an audience of everyone who's visited your website in the past 30 days.

In addition, this new way of segmentation allows brands to create advanced targeting combinations as the user is in the buying process (p.e. see a product, add to cart, purchase, registration, etc.). Then it into account how long the user has been on the web as well as how many times has made every action. From these data, it generates huge potential audiences.


With the new Website Custom Audiences, brands can now create an audience based on frequency. For instance, base it on how many times someone has visited a website or performed one specific action, such as a purchase or a registration.

In the same way that we can target people who have visited the site in the last month , we can reach those who have visited our web 30 days ago. In addition to frequency, Website Custom Audiences allows brands to create a custom audience based on a section or sections of their site, as well as time users spent on site.

You can target only people who have been to your site for an hour over the last 180 days.

Creating a custom audience for time on site is only available within the API, not through Power Editor. If you are interesting in this kind of targeting, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you!