7 Keys to effective Social Media campaigns

By Marketing Team


If your social media advertising campaigns don't show the expected results, it is that something is wrong. Maybe you should take a look first to our post with the most common mistakes of brands on these platforms and understand what goes wrong.

But do not despair, if your ads on social networks are not working, these tips will help you to manage and end up building a successful campaign.

1. STRUCTURE YOUR CAMPAIGN AROUND YOUR BUSINESS OBJECTIVES: It is not the first time we say that first of all, you have to have clear your campaigns goals and what is your ads purpose. You must choose a target based on the results you want to obtain, such as making users make a purchase on your site.

For Facebook campaigns, you have many ads objectives: "Promote Your Website", "targeting users who are near your business," "install app"... Adapt campaigns to these objectives is what will determine your success.


2. DRAW ATTENTION WITH IMAGES AND VIDEO: Images manage to convey ideas more quickly and efficiently. 90% of the information we pass on to our brain is visual. Now that you know the power that images have, you will understand that not every picture is worth. You must use clear images, and with good quality.

Show your brand or your products naturally and seeks to inspire your followers to your content. Your content should be a reflection of your brand and maintain a strong match with your values ​​through your campaigns. Photos and videos should be a personal representation of your company, and must also maintain consistency with the corporate image and recognize you easily.

Instagram ads allow brands to share their story in a channel thought just to inspire users. With a global community of more than 500 monthly active users, no doubt this channel is a great opportunity to get see your brand.


3. FOCUS: Among the billions of people who use social networks, most likely your potential customers are actively participating, but how can you reach them? How can we get their attention? Easy: segmenting your campaigns, focus your content on really who will be interested in your brand, and then you will succeed.

Audience targeting helps you show your ads to the people you care about. You'll also have the opportunity to target your ad to people based on location and demographics like age, gender and interests. It's up to you to choose the audience you want to reach. You can choose from one or a combination of targeting options that suit your business's needs, while helping you reach the people you care about. If you want to know all the possibilities, do not hesitate to ask us!


4. AVOID OVERBURDEN YOUR CONTENT: Even if you want to include in the same ad all the offers and discounts that your brand offers, you should not post excessively. You should generate a content plan and establish a strategy for your publications. If you determine how often you will post you ads, users will pay more attention. Less is more.


5. CALL TO ACTION: One of the most effective ways to avoid losing potential customers is to use the "Call To Action" buttons on your ads. This powerful feature allows users to contact your company directly, or can even lead them to your website or to a landing page just by clicking on the ad. Say goodbye to the loading time and to that Bermuda Triangle in which many leads were lost.


6. USE HASHTAGS: Hashtags show what is a trend at this moment. Hashtags are used to label and make easy the search for related topics and, if used properly, can increase awareness of your brand on social networks and encourage user participation.

On Twitter, for example, hashtags are incredibly powerful for advertisers to connect and get engagement with users thanks to a particular topic or interest.


7. CARING TEXT: Adapt the length of your ads copy. Note that a long text often end up ignored and that if you use many hashtags can cause rejection. The ideal is to write a two-line text and not use more than three hashtags in the same ad. Simple ends up being clearer and gets more attention.

Before launching your ads, with ADAM, our ownoptimization and campaign management on social networks software, you have many opportunities to test and see which ads, graphics, texts and target are adequate to achieve your goals.

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