Singles and Social Media

By Marketing Team


Valentine's Day is here, but did you know that yesterday was World Single's Day?

From Adglow, we wanted to review how social networks play a fundamental role in the day-to-day life of Spanish singles.

World Single's Day dates back to the 1990s at the University of Nanjing (China), then popularized in 2007 as an alternative for those who have no a love in Valentine's Day and want to proudly celebrate their state of singleness. In the United States, England, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, this day is commemorated as if it were an 'anti-sanvalentin day', and in Spain it has become an initiative that has more and more followers.

The number of unmarried people between 25 and 65 years old in Spain is around 8.5 million according to the calculations managed by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) and organizations such as Hosteltur, and is a group that is increasingly active in networks social.

According to Adglow own data, extracted from a mass of more than thirty thousand advertising campaigns managed since 2008; in this last year have been carried out four times more advertising campaigns in social networks dedicated exclusively to single users than in 2015.

The social platform most used by Spanish singles is Facebook, according to the study LoveGeist made by TNS Sofres for Meetic. 82% of them have a Facebook account that, in addition to using it to share photos and stay in touch with their friends, also uses it to meet people.

Twitter is used by 46% of singles, and Whatsapp, the messaging application, is chosen by 71% of users to talk to their friends. It is followed by Instagram, very popular among younger singles: 57% of users aged 18-24 have an active account.

Social media usage in Spain has experienced an exponential growth: Spanish users connect each week to an average of 6.2 social platforms, a figure higher than 5.4 of its European neighbors and 4.8 of World average. This is shown by data from the latest Connected Life study by Kantar TNS, which shows that the most used are Whatsapp (86% users use it every week), Facebook (83%), and Twitter (45%).

Singles are the most connected users to the mobile in Europe and almost 60% takes any opportunity to meet people through their device.

Singles tend to be demanding users, who search, research and compare before making their purchases.

These users are now an increasingly important market and a very attractive group for the brands, reason why many of them take advantage of the competitive advantage of the advertising in social networks, based on the precision of the segmentation.