Meet The People Behind Our Business

Adglow is more than a technology company. We're a collection of people connected by our work, our passions, and our humanity. Get to know some of the people behind our business in this short documentary.

Introducing the cast of our documentary

“I'm very fortunate to work at Adglow. It feels like we are part of a big family across the whole globe”
From our London office, Simon shares his thoughts on global travel, the Adglow family, and his passion for music.
“In Adglow we always have new challenges to face. Every day we have new things to think about”
Giulia shows us around the busy city of Milan, before heading back to her family home to introduce a very special guest.
“Life is not a set of goals, it’s a road. Once you get to your objectives they are done”
Adglow's founder and CEO shares his perspective on business, self-improvement, motivation and what inspires him.

Get behind the scenes

Our clients know us as the digital advertising company that helps them to deliver successful campaigns on Facebook, Snapchat, Amazon and Twitter. But there's a lot more to us than that.

As Adglow enters its tenth year we wanted to shine a light on some of the human stories behind our business. So we packed our bags and went on tour to meet a few of the amazing people who make Adglow tick.

Adglow documentary - Juan boxing
Adglow documentary - Giulia at home

We Are Adglow

Giulia lives and works in Milan. We joined her as she returned to her home town to spend some quality time with her family.

When Simon's not busy with his day job, he's also a passionate DJ. He invited us to hang out with him in London.

Juan's unique perspective influences our company culture from top to bottom. We met up with him in Madrid to get under the skin of his views on life and business.


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