Increase the results of your campaign by choosing the right placement

By Adglow

Creating the right ad campaign objective is imperative to achieving your advertising goals. Each social platform  has specific objectives you can utilize from increasing page likes, to optimizing your ads for website clicks. But, choosing a good location for your ad is essential when creating a successful campaign.

Reaching your audience where they spend most of the time and knowing the device and operating system they use, can make a difference between an ordinary campaign and a successful one. 

You should also keep in mind that more than 80 percent of social network users are accessing social media on a mobile device in 2016. This means that most social media ads are being viewed on mobile devices as well. So we recommend you that your mobile ads should be specifically designed for the small screen.

ADAM makes it easier by letting you place your ads on every platform supported by Facebook; Facebook, Instagram or Audience Network. Within each, you can find several placements and choose the one, which best fits your campaign objective. 

Depending on the objective you choose when you create your ad, your ads can appear in different places where they're likely to perform best. You can also select between Desktop or Mobile when choosing the device type and operating system for a better customization.


These are the placements available to you:


  • Feeds: Your ads can appear in the desktop News Feed (for people accessing the Facebook website on their laptops or desktop computers) and/or the mobile News Feed (for people using the Facebook app on mobile devices or accessing the Facebook website through a mobile browser).
  • Groups: Your ads appear in groups on Facebook.
  • Right Column: Your ads appear in the right-side columns across Facebook. Right column ads only appear to people browsing Facebook on their computer.
  • Instant Articles: Your ads appear in Instant Articles within the Facebook mobile app and Messenger.
  • In-Stream Video: Your ads appear as short videos in both Live video and Video on Demand on Facebook.


  • Feeds: Your ads can appear in the desktop Feed (for people accessing the Instagram website on their laptops or desktop computers) as well as your Feed on mobile (for people using the Instagram app on mobile devices or accessing the Instagram website through a mobile browser).
  • Stories: Your ads can appear in people's stories on Instagram. Ads in stories only appear to people browsing stories on Instagram.

 Audience Network

  • Your ads appear on apps and websites in the Audience Network. With Audience Network, you can extend your ads beyond Facebook to reach your audiences on mobile apps, mobile websites, Instant Articles and videos.

Don’t wait any longer and start to create more profitable campaigns in ADAM!


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