4 of the Most Impactful Social Campaigns of 2018

By Marketing Team

With 2018 almost coming to its end, and more than 55,000 digital campaigns managed by Adglow this year, it's time to look back, analyze and highlight 4 of our favourite success stories.

The digital advertising industry is in a constant evolution: new ad formats, audiences, placements, KPIs and more. With that in mind, we hope these examples will inspire your planning for your 2019 digital and social advertising strategy.

1. McDonald's- Increasing engagement through Weather Sync Ads

McDonald’s wanted to promote McFrozen, a new item on its menu to generate maximum engagement during the
summer months.

Adgow integrated weather sync technology with our DSP ADAM to deliver ads in alignment with real time local weather conditions in up to 50 cities.

The integration of ADAM and Weather Sync recognized which cities amongst the list of 50, were experiencing temperates between 20ºC - 25ºC (warm), 25ºC - 30ºC (hot), or in excess of 31ºC (very hot!) and delivered a different creative congruent with the conditions. And of course, if it was raining then none of the advertisement triggers were activated!

The ad below got +99.5k engagements during the campaign!


“We believe in message relevance and this solution provided by Adglow gave us the perfect tool to launch a product sensitive to the weather by delivering the right creative to the right audience and at the perfect time considering the variable of thermal sensation that was so important for the seasonality and the product attributes.” Guilherme Coe LATAM Marketing at McDonald's

2. Domino's Pizza - How to increase sales revenue by 21% with Facebook Ads

Domino’s wanted to leverage social and take advantage of Pizza Week to increase brand awareness and generate more sales. 

Adglow developed a strategy using GIFs and static images with creative copy detailing Domino’s promotions to create an immersive user experience which encouraged engagement. To increase conversions, ads were segmented with geolocation targeting to promote offers at stores in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Within five weeks of running the campaign, revenue grew by over 21% resulting in over 40,000 Pizza sales.

“We had the huge challenge of promoting campaigns for Pizza Week and the weeks following with an aggressive goal to increase sales by 20%. We worked with Adglow to develop geolocation strategies and track conversion and creatives leading us to achieve a growth of 21.02% in sales during the Pizza Week."  Vitor Coelho Branding and Digital Marketing Manager at Grupo Trigo


3. BIMBO - Sync Social Ads with TV & Sport during the 2018 World Cup

Bimbo wanted to leverage innovative social advertising technology to increase reach and engagement during the 2018 World Cup.

As one of the world’s largest sporting events, the World Cup presents brands with an incredible opportunity to leverage social
media to captivate the attention of billions of football fans across the globe. Bimbo wanted to take advantage of the buzz with an
innovative paid social campaign targeted to audiences across Mexico on Facebook.

Adglow synchronized Bimbo’s social advertising campaigns in real-time with their own TV ad slots running in the lead-up to, during and after the tournament, as well as using key World Cup
matches to trigger their Facebook ads.

The results of the campaign was more 20 millions fans reached, 3.3m interactions and more than 2.3m of video views.


“We saw an enormous opportunity to connect with our consumers during the World Cup. We wanted to deliver specific messages to specific audiences at very precise moments. Adglow and Facebook developed a customised World Cup solution which provided us with the perfect tool to deliver the right creative to the right audience at the right time. The results were very positive." Monica Contreras Digital Media at Bimbo

4. Pizza Hut - Increasing sales revenue by 21.5% with Store Visit Ads

Pizza Hut wanted to run social advertising campaigns to increase store visits and online sales in Brazil.

Adglow worked with Pizza Hut to develop and implement an advertising strategy focused on increasing online and in
store sales.

Adglow set up a geolocalized campaign to ensure ads were served to audiences located within a specific radius of
Pizza Hut branches across 5 Brazilian regions and 57 cities. The Facebook store visits ad format along with location
specific calls-to-actions, maps and text all played key roles in helping Pizza Hut reach their sales objectives.

Sales revenue grew by over 21% with a 30% lower CPA. 


“The geolocalized campaign allowed us to measure the impact of each campaign, to understand which customers saw our message, which sales channel they went to and which products they bought. All of this generated a 21.5% increase in sales at the franchisor's stores” Antonio Marchese, Marketing Director at Pizza Hut Brazil

The Adglow team hopes these success stories inspire your 2019 digital strategy!

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