Best Practices - Facebook Advertising

By Marketing Team

Two billion people use Facebook every month to connect with friends and family and discover things that matter to them – not to mention it's also the main source of news for an increasing percentage of the population. This platform is ideal to reach new customers and build lasting relationships with your audience.

Facebook offers brands a very sophisticated range of advertising products. It's easy to see why many advertisers regard it as a key channel in their digital advertising strategy – but not all of them use it to its full potential. Here we leave you some tips to make sure you make the most of it. 


  • 35 minutes is the average time spent on the platform each day
  • 1.32bn daily active users.
  • Media companies receive over 4x more interactions on FB than on Instagram
  • 83% of global Facebook users are under 45.


  • Basics: Location, age, gender, language.
  • Audiences: Relationship status, education, work, life events, Interests, behaviors.
  • Technology: Device type.
  • Others: retargeting, lookalikes, custom audiences.


When you create an ad, you first choose your objective, which should be aligned with your overall business goals:

  • Awareness: Objectives that generate interest in your product or service, driving brand awareness or reach, for example.
  • Consideration: Objectives that get people to start thinking specifically about your business and look for more information about it – such as  traffic, app installs, engagement, video views, lead generation and messages. 
  • Conversion: Objectives that encourage interest in your business in order to purchase or use your product or service, like conversions, catalogue sales or store visits. 


  • Increase online conversions by clearly spelling out what your audience will get from that click e.g. a free consultation or access to exclusive content; ensuring their path to completion is as user-friendly as possible. 

  • Facebook ads run in the user’s newsfeed, right next to posts from their family and friends. To create attention-grabbing ads that feel like a familiar part of someone's social circle, speak directly to your audience’s motivations or address barriers preventing them from becoming your customer. Using specific creative for different audience groups ensures you’re talking to what motivates each group and yields better results.

  • If you're running multiple ad sets within a single campaign, make sure all your images have a consistent theme. Figure out what you want your audience to take away from your ad with a theme that ties your ads together and creates consistency.

  • Choose the right duration for videos. Seeing how your audience responds is the best way to find out the "ideal" length for your videos, but as a general rule we've found that higher quality videos tend to capture viewers' attention for at least one minute.

  • Give conversation starters, not instructions. Instead of telling viewers exactly what to say or how to say it, invite them to share their thoughts, general feedback and questions

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