Best Practices - Pinterest Advertising

By Marketing Team

Pinterest visitors have a clear goal in mind: to find inspiration. This means they'll be exploring the feed to find visual ideas that inspire them, searching for topics that interest them and clicking on Pins to find out more. It is the ideal place for you to publish your content to raise awareness and help people decide what they want to try.

As the platform grows its offer for brands and advertisers, Pinterest is slowly claiming a spot in many marketers' social media mix – and it's not hard to see why.


  • 250m daily active users.
  • 68% of Pinterest users are women aged 25-54.
  • 55% of Pinterest users use the platform to shop.
  • In fact, 83% of users made purchases after seeing the pins of a brand.


  • Basics: Location, age, gender, language.
  • Audiences: Interest targeting – tastes and life stages.
  • Technology: Device type.
  • Others: Keyword, Retargeting and Actalikes.


  • Building awareness: Tell a story about your brand or campaign.
  • Improving engagement: Inspire people to click for a closeup or save the idea.
  • Increasing clicks: boost traffic to your website.
  • Driving conversions: Turn pinners into buyers.


Stand out with compelling creative and branding that grabs Pinner’s attention with photography and design principles. Much of what works in print ads works equally well with Pins.

  • Pins are viewed vertically, and 80% of Pinners view them on mobile. Make sure you occupy maximum vertical screen real estate with fonts and text overlays  that are large enough to read, and with a straightforward message that’s clear at first glance . 

  • Using in-feed motion video  is a powerful way to stand out, capture attention and entice Pinners to take action. 

  • For promoted video, hook viewers within 20 seconds with actionable content and ideas. Pinterest is mostly a sound-off platform so don’t rely on audio, focus on images and motion vs audio or narration.

  • Show multiple products in a single pin. Pins with multiple products drive traffic because they speak to different tastes and stimulate curiosity. It’s best to limit each Pin to four products in order to prevent excessive clutter . 

  • Provide clear calls-to-action (visit, shop, try) with a reason to act and a clear value proposition that shows users how your product can fit into their lives.

  • For App install pins, test a mix of lifestyle-based and in-app experience imagery (screenshots of the app) with a succinct value proposition for best results.

  • Consider text overlays for clarity. Pinners may not take the time to read your description, so be sure the image can stand on its own.

  • Lifestyle images are often more effective for grabbing attention than plain product shots.

  • Don’t overdo your branding: you can choose between a product shot or a logo, but never use both in the same Pin. In case of using the logo, a small watermark can help guide people to your brand easily and unobtrusively.

  • Show them how. People appreciate information that will help them take action . Featuring how-tos or step-by-step guides can encourage pinners to actually try the idea you’re promoting.

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