Best Practices - Snapchat Advertising

By Marketing Team

Snap Ads offer truly native mobile formats, where the 9:16 ratio is king. Snapchat is probably most informal and intimate social media platform – something reflected on its core audience, which is considerably younger than most networks'. 

Snap Ads begin with an up to 10-second vertical video, and then offer the option to add an interactive element one swipe away. They provide the perfect testing ground for brands to loosen up and get creative using sight, sound and motion. Let's take a look at Snapchat's ad offer in more detail.


  • 186m active users around the world every day.
  • 3 billion Snaps daily.
  • Snapchatters user the app over 20 times a day.
  • 100m daily active users consume 30 minutes of video per day.


  • Basics: Location, age, gender, language.
  • Audiences: Interests, content categories, ‘Advanced demographics’.
  • Technology: Devices, OS, connection type, mobile service provider.
  • Others: Snap Audience Match and Lookalikes.


  • Awareness: Branding.
  • Consideration: Inspire people to click for a closeup or save the idea.
  • Conversions: App conversions, Website Conversions, Catalog Sales. 


  • Focus on the beginning of your ad to drive optimal performance. The first 2-seconds drive the most impact and can make or break your ad’s performance.

  • Simple Creative. Keep ad creative simple and concise with a clear key message. Ads should seek to mirror the bite-sized and linear storytelling of Snaps. 

  • With Snap Ads, the format suits your objective — whether you want to create a 5-second video narrative, a GIF-like looping animation, a still with audio, or a cinemagraph, make your Snap Ad five seconds or less, for maximum impact.

  • Clearly present your offering with strong branding, so viewers immediately understand your value proposition. Establish brand moment before the :02 mark to maximize ad awareness, but avoid opening on a solid frame with a logo or product shot only. Opening with dynamic footage provides a moment to hook viewers!

  • Place a strong visual call-to-action on your opening frame to drive action. 60% of Snapchat users have sound on, do not overlook this feature and ensure you have music or a voiceover in your ad to drive emotional engagement.

  • Use voiceover call to actions to encourage swipe up. Try to align the voiceover content with the call to action (the audio should say “Install” or “Install Now” if you plan to use the INSTALL_NOW call to action and likewise for DOWNLOAD).

For more info on the different Snapchat ad formats, check out our Digital Media Lab through the banner below. If you would like to book your free assessment today and  discuss how Adglow can help you to craft a winning digital advertising strategy, contact us.