LinkedIn is rolling out a "trending topics" section

By Marketing Team


LinkedIn has recently published in its official blog that is seeking to bring more content to the user through new popular topics of discussion between the contacts that we follow, other professionals and companies.

On Wednesday, the professional network is rolling out a “Trending” topics feed, a new section of the app where users can find a collection of recent news stories and accompanying user posts that are personalized based on their interests and profession. It will be called Trending Storylines.

LinkedIn will use a combination of human editors and computer algorithms to detect important storylines, then collect articles and posts related to those storylines and put them into individual feeds.



Over the past year, we have completely rebuilt the LinkedIn Feed experience. We redesigned it from scratch so you can fully curate your professional experience to keep you informed on top conversations from people you are following and your connections. As a result, and as stated at our press event, we’ve seen a 40%+ increase in year-over-year engaged feed sessions weekly. On top of that, referral traffic to some of our top publishers on LinkedIn has doubled or tripled in that same time range.

In the future, according to LinkedIn, the idea is that you can start following people discovered through the comments in the storylines, increasing your circle of contacts.

Trending Storylines enables us to continue building on this growth, with the additional ability to:

  • See what stories are developing: Each story is based on what’s trending, and personalized to you based on what we know about you, such as the industry you’re in.
  • Go deep to learn more: You can discover, learn and explore more about the story being discussed within each storyline.
  • Get diverse perspectives on every story: Each story includes multiple perspectives, ranging from news publishers and influencers, to people in your network, so that you can easily weigh up diverse opinions. For example, if you work in healthcare, you may see a perspective shared by a renowned healthcare expert, an article published by a top medical magazine, and a post shared by someone you follow or are connected to.
  • Use hashtags to easily join the conversation: Each story will have a unique hashtag associated with it, making it easy for you to join the conversation and add your own take on the issue. As the conversations evolve, we will continue to ensure you’re seeing the latest perspectives.

According to LinkedIn, Trending Storylines will start to roll out in the U.S. in English starting today, and will include news developing globally. This will expand to other countries soon.