New Adglow developments get European funding

By Marketing Team

  • The native platform of campaign management has been co-financed by the Industrial Technological Development Center, CDTI-E.P.E.
  • The CDTI is a public business entity, that depends on the Ministry of Science and Innovation, which promotes the technological development of Spanish companies.

Vocación de servicio a sus clientes, entre los que se encuentran los principales grupos de compra de medios internacionales como Dentsu Aegis, Interpublic, Omnicom o WPP, marcas como Real Madrid C.F., Vips o Vodafone, y compromiso con el desarrollo tecnológico propio, hacen de Adglow el principal referente español en la gestión de publicidad en redes sociales.

These values, which have matured over more than a decade of activity, have recently attracted the attention of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, through its programme of co-financing of original business development projects with a technological emphasis.

In 2018, an extensive market study in the advertising sector of social networks, showed the necessity to evolve the type of communication that brands had been carrying out with their target audience. This process had to do with both the type of communication and the specificity of each channel, demanding an innovative approach assisted by a type of technology that does not exist in the market.

With this project that is co-financed by the CDTI-E.P.E., Adglow aims to go beyond the classic functionalities of the existing platforms for the management of paid media, providing its clients with a new complete and quality technological solution.

In an environment where many agencies manage advertising campaigns, Adglow looks for opportunities in the optimization of their technological resources to provide them with greater operational efficiency, in search of a more effective return on their clients' investments.

To reach this new level of sophistication of Adglow's management platform, ADAM (Adglow Ad Manager) the development and product teams of Adglow will carry out a thorough work, starting from the research and arriving to the development of algorithms and processes of great technical complexity.Adam vs. Business Manager The result will be a disruptive solution that allows customers to boost their business by promoting their presence in social networks and that meets their operational and functional needs, achieving the highest degree of efficiency in the management of advertising management processes and considering criteria of scalability, security, flexibility, reliability and adaptability. The improvements will be directed towards:

  • New processes for processing information for user segmentation.
  • Automation in the selection of the best audience sample to impact.
  • Improvements in the management of monitoring and control of expenditure.
  • Implementation of new functionalities for the treatment of campaigns

ADAM is preparing to be the technological platform in the management of advertising in social channels, completely renewed and prepared to tackle the new challenges that are emerging, with greater automation, specialization and control over the return on each invested euro.

For more information, visit its Digital Magazine of Technological Innovation.