How to increase purchases by 270% with SHINE by Adglow

By Marketing Team

Night In Boxes is a US-based subscription company that delivers complete date nights to your door each month. Each box includes a designed date night with several activities, ambiance, music, snacks, a recommended dinner menu and more.

The brand was looking to increase the number of monthly subscribers; however, their existing advertising strategy yielded inconsistent results at a high cost per purchase, so they contacted Adglow to identify the root of the issue and address the problem.

The strategy 

Night In Boxes joined Adglow’s SHINE program for Facebook and Instagram – a managed service program purposefully designed to help businesses evolve, improve and scale their social advertising campaigns.

Adglow's team of experts reorganized the structure of the campaigns and provided creative consultation.
Reorganizing the campaigns allowed us to analyze results more accurately and let the campaigns run with the Facebook algorithm as intended for optimal results. We provided creative consultation and advised the client on best practice for creating show-stopping ads that delivered solid results.


By taking campaign upload and optimization off of Night in Boxes plate and applying our expertise we were able to enhance their account performance by:

  • Expanding prospecting efforts across a plethora of new audiences, previously not on Night In Boxes radar, to increase reach and awareness.

  • Optimizing campaigns towards landing page views, conversions and add to cart to drive people from awareness to subscriptions.

  • Making the most of automatic placements and starting to use campaign budget optimizations to drive efficiencies in spend.

Key Results:

What our client says:

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