Guarantee delivery with Reach and Frequency campaigns

By Marketing Team


Would you like your ad to reach a certain number of people while controlling the frequency it is displayed at the same time? Reach and Frequency is the only option that ensures both requisites are fulfilled.

With the Reach and Frequency Buying method you are able to control the number of people viewing your ad and the maximum number of times it is displayed to each person.

This model is based on traditional advertising buying methods and works independently from Facebook’s bidding system, therefore avoiding competition with other advertisers. Reach and Frequency is very effective when it comes to campaigns aimed at increasing brand awareness, as it reaches a high number of individuals.

Start using Reach and Frequency buying model if you wish to:

- Reach an audience of more than 200,000 people
- Target a large territory and not a local area
- Have predictable reach for your ads
- Increase your brand awareness
- Control the maximum frequency at which people will see your ads
- Plan and predict your campaign reach more accurately

Reach and Frequency campaigns are fixed reservations, with set costs, dates and reach. The aim of this type of campaigns is to fulfill the prediction, but you will be unable to change these parameters under any circumstance. This is also true for bids. The only change allowed for this type of campaign is at the creatives level. Any other change will cause an alteration in the reservation.

Keep in mind that Reach and Frequency campaigns don’t ensure a final cost per results or CPM, but a determined cost and reach within set dates.

Reach and Frequency is your best choice if you wish to know for certain how many people will see your ad avoiding overexposure. Try it today with ADAM!