Summer is coming! Here you have 4 tips to promote your hotel successfully with DPA Travel ads!

By Marketing Team


Summer is coming and with it one of the best chances to use Facebook's ad format: Dynamic Product Ads for Travel. We now give you some advice to get the most out of them to promote your hotel:

  • Drive your audience to the most relevant page: When a person clicks on your ad, you have the opportunity to send them to a specific page based on their recent searches. This way you can launch a cross-selling campaign and promote your hotel targeting an audience who searched for and booked a flight recently. When the person clicks the "Book Now" call to action, information about their destination, check-in and check-out dates will be dynamically populated on the landing page they're sent to. This eliminates the need for them to re-enter their travel information, which in turn may help speed up the time to conversion.
  • Take advantage of the dynamic parameters: Dynamic elements are a very useful complement to your ad creative. They allow relevant information to automatically populate on your ad, without having to add it manually. You can use dynamic parameters like the city, the country, check-in and check-out dates, hotel name, price, dynamic price, etc…
  • Reach the right audience with your ads: Create a more specific target for your ads based on the dates and location of your user travel and reach people with specific travel dates or booking windows, people looking to travel on the weekends, with travel dates or with no travel dates, people searching for specific destinations, people with high travel intent signals, people traveling alone, in group or with kids...
  • Don't forget to show your ads across all ad placements. Doing so, ADAM can distribute your budget and increase it in those placements with better performance, getting more conversions for less money.