Traffic and Conversion objectives also available for the Instagram Stories placement!

By Marketing Team

It’s been two months since Facebook decided to allow the insertion of advertising to any advertiser on one of Instagram’s most popular features (250 million users active daily), Instagram Stories. Keeping in mind that 90% of Instagram’s 700 million users are less than 35 years old, Instagram is just a perfect channel to bring in those elusive Millennials. 

Instagram launched immersive, full-screen ads on Instagram Stories in January, making them available to all advertisers in March. 

When first rolling out ads in Instagram Stories, the platform began by focusing on the reach objective to help businesses better target and reach the people they wanted to connect with. Up until this point, you have been using the Reach and Video Views objectives on ADAM.

But now, these capabilities have greatly expanded, giving businesses the ability to purchase ads in Instagram Stories on ADAM across additional objectives: Traffic and ConversionsAs a result, Stories has become a full-funnel solution for a growing spectrum of business objectives. The new objectives let you drive real results!

Because Instagram stories have such a high engagement rate (influencers report having about 6-10% of their followers open each story), story ads and their new objectives are an incredible opportunity to connect with potential customers in more concrete ways.

Drive Instagram users to your site or app and optimize for their actions on your site, like adding payment info or purchasing.